torstai 29. marraskuuta 2018

.Copycat strikes again.

I have done some serious interior pic coping since 2010. I love to share inspiration and I share only the best ones.

This first one is picked from Elisabethheiers blog. This pic is 3D illustration made by magical Lotta Agaton Swedish company Norrlandsträ from house to be, very well done? Don’t you think? Very very real one. I would have been fooled, if it does not say in the text that is 3D picture.

Minted bedroom. Yes please. This pic is from Scandinavian design blog. I would easily change bedrooms with Niki right away. Welcome to Finland Niki, I just booked your bedroom.

Tikkurila has also now the color of the year 2019 called Flamingo, check it out.

Super cosy and stylish dinnercorner. Stylep by Stadshem Sweden real estate agency which has only apartments on their site which have been build before year 1965. Hmm, some Finnish agencys could copycat this idea. Helsinki I am calling you.

Joanna Laveńs beautiful home has been featured in Residence mag and I saw these pics at Mrs Jones blog. So super stylish one. Oh dear.

My mind rests in these four.

Hope you got inspiration cause I love to share it with You!

Pics in order down to low

// Coping best interior pics  - Seen since year 2010 //

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